Pre Planned Funerals

Your Funeral -  Your way - You have the last say 


I know  pre planning is not for everybody but in my experience when I go to visit a family after they have just lost a loved one it is a very difficult time - people are devastated - emotions are running very high - people are not eating or sleeping properly - family and friends are flying in from all over the place - and it can be a very stressful and emotional time.

It puts a lot of pressure on the family to organise all the details at such a time and it can cause tension with family members not agreeing on which photos to use, what songs to play, what wording in the service sheet, what hymns or songs or what readings are used for the service.

These days it has become quite fashionable to plan finanically but why not go that step further and organise your funeral your way.  I totally appreciate this is not for everyone but life and death go hand in hand and none of us know how long we are here for.  I can design your service sheet with you so we can create something you are happy with and choose your photos, wording, hymns and readings and anything else you may like for your service.


      Your Service Sheet designed to reflect you and your life

     Your choice of wording and readings

     Your choice of hymns and music 

     Your choice of photos and Slideshow

Perhaps a 'Lifebook' to leave for your famliy

Your Funeral -  Your way - You have the last say 


Please contact me and talk through the options if you are interested -